Goran Olsson (Concerning Violence, 2014) // now playing in cinemas in Sweden // opens in Germany Sept 18 // in UK Nov 28


Everyone’s invited :)

Today (29/08) in 1958 music legend Michael Jackson was born. Happy bday!

Poster for Short Skin (Duccio Chiarini, 2014). Thoughts?

Iceland’s Box Office Hit in 2014…


Adore You (from the movie ‘Floating Skyscrapers’ “Płynące wieżowce”)

In US cinemas from September. More info

Ghilherme Lobo (The Way He Looks // hojeeuquerovoltarsozinho) soon in a TV show?! According to this article YES.

”The horror must been shown”

Concerning Violence now playing in cinemas in Sweden // Trailer