If you like 80s teen movies, rad soundtracks, breakdancing and ping pong, you should check out Ping Pong Summer // @pingpongsummer

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floating skyscrapers (2013)

In US cinemas from September!

It’s throwback Thursday time!
// Lelouch, Bertolucci, Taviani’ler, Cousteau, Costa-Gavras, Wajda, Scorsese, Soderbergh, Kurosawa… (1990)

Gangs, drugs, dirty rap, dirty fights and dirty sex…

Umut Dag’s Cracks In Concrete opens in Turkey August 22 // in Austria September 19! // Cinema listings

Bela Tarr

Denis Cote’s VIC+FLO SAW A BEAR makes its way to Mexico. Opens September 4th

While awaiting the numbers for 2014

There are documentaries on Bela Tarr, Haneke, Tarkovsky…Now, it’s time for THE VOICE OF SOKUROV

Concerning Violence ads spotted in Stockholm! The film opens in Sweden Aug 15!